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Whisky Menu


Speyburn Bradan Orach £2.75
            Fruity with creamy vanilla
Speyburn 10 year  £2.75
            Smooth and oaty sweetness
Glen Lossie 10 year £4.50
            A freshness with flowers
Knockando 12 year £3.50
            Light with apples and pears
Tamdhu 10 year £3.25
            Smooth with sweet toffee
Tormore 12 year £4.00
            Orange citrus and grass
Tormore 14 year £5.00
            Light, creamy with ginger
Strathisla 12 year £3.00
            Cinnamon with cooked apples
Singleton 12 year £3.25
            Orange, nuts and toffee
Singleton Spey Cascade £3.50
            Warming fruits with cream
Singleton Tailfire £3.50
            Winter berries with nuts
Glen Moray Classic £2.75
            Gentle, light with lemon
Glen Moray Port Cask Finish £3.00
            Butterscotch and berries
Glen Moray 12 year £3.00
            Winter spice with cream
Glen Moray 16 £3.75
            Apples and vanilla, smooth
Cragganmore 12 £3.50
            Rich with honey and nuts
Cragganmore 21 £15.00
            Smooth with hints of custard

Glen Elgin 12 year £3.75
            Soft and mellow with honey
Cardhu 12 year £3.50
            Sweet with soft peat, rounded
Cardhu 15 year £4.50
            Fruitcake with almonds
Cardhu 18 year £7.00
            Cherries and chocolate
Glenfiddich 12 £3.00
            Light with hints of spice
Glenfiddich 14 Rich Oak £3.50
            Fruity with bourbon sweetness
Glenfiddich 15 year £3.50
            Sherry with fruitcake and spices
Glenfiddich 18 £6.00
            Apricot with toffee and cinnamon
Tomintoul Peaty Tang £3.50
            Creamy and lightly smoky
Tomintoul 10 year £3.50
            Creamy and sweet
Tomintoul 12 Portwood Finish £4.75
            Rich with berries
Tomintoul 12 Sherry Cask Finish £4.75
            Bold and fruity
Tomintoul 14 year £4.00
            Light and mellow
Tomintoul 16 year £4.00
            Nutty and creamy
Tomintoul 25 year (Limited Edition)
            Pears and honey with a rich
            creamy smoothness £20.00
Speyside 10 year £2.75
            Apples and pears
Cu Dhub £2.75
            Fudge, caramel and cappuccino

Glenlivet 12 year £3.00
            Apples and freshness
Glenlivet Founders Reserve £3.75
            Creamy with a citrus zest
Glenlivet 15 year  £3.50
            Cinnamon with a hint of cloves
Glenlivet 18 year £6.00
            Woody oak and citrus sweetness
Glenlivet 21 £10.00
            Walnuts with winter fruitcake and
            golden syrup
Glenlivet Nadurra 16 year £5.50
          Flavour will differ with batch
Glenfarclas 10 £3.25
            Cinnamon and freshness
Glenfarclas 12 £3.50
            Walnut cake with toffee apple
Glenfarclas 15 £4.00
            Christmas Pudding
Glenfarclas 17 £8.00
            Sherried fruits and cinnamon
Glenfarclas 21 £9.00
            Smooth with apple and sherry
Glenfarclas 25 £10.00
            Tangy and zingy
Glenfarclas 30 £13.00
            Creamy sherry with cereals
Glenfarclas 105 £6.00
            Spice and pepper, full of nuts
Craigellachie 13 £3.75
            Sweet apple with cinnamon
Craigellachie 17 £7.00
            Toffee and dried fruits
Benromach  10 year £3.50
            Herbal and ginger
Benromach 15 year £4.75
            Fruitcake with ginger
Benromach Organic £3.75
            Lightly peated, toffee and malts
Benromach Peat Smoke £3.50
             Medium smoke with juicy fruits
Balvenie 12 year Double Wood £3.25
            Gentle spice with vanilla sweetness
Balvenie 17 year Double Wood £7.50
            Winter spices with vanilla
Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask £4.50
            Sweet vanilla with orange
Glen Grant 10 year £3.50
            Malty vanilla with gentle fruits
Stronachie 18 year £4.50
            Butter and flowers
Linkwood 15 year £4.50
            Toffee, vanilla and buttery oak
Glen Glassugh Revival £3.00
            Large variety of fruit and sherry
Hamilton’s Speyside £2.75
            Cream and a toffee sweetness
Aberlour 10 year £3.50
            Spicy rich fruitcake, soft finish
Aberlour 12 year £4.00
            Rich fruit with a creamy finish
Aberlour 16 year £4.25
            Floral with spicy fruits
Aberlour A’Bunadh £4.25
            Flavour will differ due to batch
Whisky Laddie’s Choice Mortlach 15 year
Pepper with a vanilla, syrup sweetness £7.50
Mortlach 15 year £4.25
             Syrup, fruit and vanilla
Macallan Gold £3.50
            Lemon citrus and cream
Macallan Amber £4.00
            Cirtus fruits, cinnamon and butter
Macallan Sienna £6.50
            Sour apples, ginger and cinnamon
Macallan Ruby £14.00
            Rich spices like nutmeg with raisins
BenRiach Heart of Speyside £3.75
            Vanilla and honey with freshness
BenRiach 12 year £3.50
            Apples and pears with vanilla
BenRiach 16 year £4.25
            Toffee, apples vanilla and honey
BenRiach 20 year £5.50
            Apples, chocolate and nuts
BenRiach Burnie Moss £3.75
            Heavy smoke with delicate fruits
BenRiach Curositas 10 year £3.00
            Light peat with heather
BenRiach Septendecim 17 year £4.75
            Sweet peat with raisins and nuts
BenRiach Dark Rum Finish £4.50
            Bittersweet vanilla, rummy

BenRiach Horizons 12 year £3.75
            Light and nutty
BenRiach Dark Rum (Peated) 12 year £3.75
            Smoke with rich fruit and spice
BenRiach Madeira Finish 15 year £4.00
            Toffee, sherry and oak
BenRiach Sherry casks 12 year £3.75
            Dried fruit and chocolate
BenRiach Pedro Sherry Cask 15 year £4.00
            Citrus, toffee and delicate spice
BenRiach Sauternes Finish 16 year £3.50
            Fresh, intense vanilla and spice

BenRiach Sauternes 15 year £5.00
            Summer fruits with almonds 
BenRiach Tawny Port Finish 15 year £4.00
             Sweet, firm with grape

Braeval 12 year £5.00
             Orange, spice and caramel  

Glen Spey 12 year £4.25
           Malty, grass and fruity
Longmorn 16 year £5.25
            Oak with lemon zest
Fettercairn Fior £4.00
            Caramel apple and cinnamon
Fettercairn Fasque £3.50
            Rich spices and chocolate
Ben Nevis 10 year £2.75
            Grapefruit and liquorice        
Ardmore Traditional £3.00
             Caramel, vanilla little peat
Ardmore Legacy £3.00
              Light, sweet with a hint of peat
Loch Lomond Peated £3.25
             Medium peat with wood and earth
Tullibardine £3.50
             Pear drops and chocolate
Glencadam 10 year £3.00
            Tart fruits, grass and vanilla
Royal Lochnagar 12 year £3.75
            Pepper and juicy plum
Dalmore 12 year £3.50
            Rich fruitcake and spices
Dalmore 15 year £5.00
             Orange and dark chocolate
Loch Lomond £2.75
             Malt, grass and cream
Tomatin 12 year £3.50
            Lemons and lime
Tomatin 18 year £4.75
            Citrus and dark chocolate
Tomatin Legacy 34.00
            Chocolate, marshmallows
Old Pultney 12 year £3.50
            Spice, oak and well balanced
Old Pultney Navigator £3.50
            Honey and syrupy orange
Edradour 10 year £3.50
            Spiced fruitcake and cream
Dalwhinnie 15 year £3.50
           Walnuts with gentle spice
Oban 14 year £3.50
            Smooth sweetness with seaweed
Glenmorangie 10 year £3.00
            Vanilla, toffee and cream
Drumguish  £3.00
            Fudge and rum, quite harsh
GlenTurret 10 year £3.50
            Earthy notes and sweetness
Glen Garioch £3.50
            Honey, heather and spice
Glen Goyne 10 year £3.25
            Barley richness with a sweetness
Glen Ranoch £2.75
            Apple and nutmeg

anCnoc 12 year £3.25
            Winter spice and herbs
Deanston 12 year £3.50
            Soft caramel and oak
Aberfeldy 12 year £3.00
            Creamy and nutty
Aberfeldy 18 year £6.75
            cinnamon spiced and sweet
Glen Deveron 10 year £3.00
            Pepper with floral hints
Glen Deveron 15 year £4.00
            Creamy and summer fruits
Glen Dronach 12 year £3.75
              Fruit peels with toffee
Glen Dronach 15 year £4.50
            Orange peel and dried fruits
Glen Dronach 18 year £6.00
            Very smooth with delicate fruits

GlenKinchie 12 year £4.00
            Very light with sweet stewed fruits
Auchentoshan 12 year £3.75
            Very light, honeysuckle and toffee
Auchentoshan Three Wood £3,75
            Hazlenuts and chocolate

Auchentoshan SpringWood £4.00
            Lemon and orange with vanilla
Auchentoshan Classic £3.25
            Delicate fruits, very light
Auchentoshan American Oak £3.25
            Vanilla and coconut


Springbank 10 year £3.25
            Sweet, orange with sour finish
Springbank 15 year £6.00
            Exotic fruits with cream
Glen Scotia £3.50
            Winter berries with a hint of sour

Longrow Peated £3.25
            Medium peat with lemon
Hazelburn 12 year £4.50
            Oak, figs and nuts




Islay Storm £3.00
            Peat and spice
Bunnahabhain 12 year £3.50
            Sherry fruits with a soft sweetness
Ardbeg 10 year £4.00
            Heavy smoke with a creamy vanilla
Ardbeg Uigeadail £5.00
            Heavy smoke with fruit and honey
Bruchladdich Scottish Barley £4.25
            Pepper with a subtle smokiness
Bruchladdich Islay Barley £4.50
            Tangy and sweet
Bowmore 12 year £3.50
            Smokey with honey
Bowmore 15 year
            Medium smoke, cream and toffee
Laphroaig 10 year £3.50
            Heavy smoke with liquorice
Laphroaig Quarter Cask £3.50
            Heavy smoke with sea salt
Laphroaig Select £3.00
            Light smoke with citrus fruits
Laphroaig Triple Wood £4.75
            Smoke with fruitcake sweetness
Port Charlotte £4.00
            Heavy smoke with flowers
The Ileach £2.75
            Medium smoke with sea salt
 Caol Ila 12 year £3.50
            Medium smoke with vanilla
Lagavulin 16 year £4.50
            Peaty with fruity sherry
Smokehead The Rock £3.50
            Heavily peated and salted caramel


Talisker  10 year £3.50
            Heavy smoke with hints of pepper
Talisker Skye £3.50
            Heavy smoke with delicate fruits 
Talisker 18 year £7.75
            Spice, zest with smokiness
The Arran Malt 10 year £3.25
            Flowers and chocolate
The Arran Malt Port £4.00
            Dried fruits, nuts and oranges 
The Arran Malt Sauternes £4.00
            Butterscotch and citrus fruits
The Arran Malt 14 year £4.00
            Honey, vanilla and fresh
Ledaig 10 year £2.75
            Medium smoke with grassy tones
The Spirit of Lewis £3.75
           Toffee sweetness with vanilla

Scapa 16 year £5.00
            Creamy, smooth and vanilla
Robert Burns £3.25
            Citrus fruit pie, light and pleasant
Highland Park  12 year £3.50
            Rounded, rich and zesty
Highland Park 8 year G&M £2.75
            Fruity with vanilla and a smokiness
Tobermory 10 year £3.50
            Gentle smoke with honey
Jura Origin £3.50
            Light, delicate and mellow
Jura Superstition £5.00
            Smoke with pepper and honey
Jura Diurach’s Own £4.00
            Rich with chocolate and nuts
Jura Elixir £3.25
            Dried fruits and cinnamon